Saturday, November 15, 2008



The people of Congo need our help. They are being terrorised - murder and rape are rife, hundreds of thousands have fled their homes caught between the brutal violence of both rebels and the Congolese army, without food or shelter. Only the hesitating EU can deploy an effective, neutral force in the next two weeks.There's no military solution, but right now a neutral force in the region to protect civilians, helping to reconstruct the UN peacekeeping presence and putting real diplomatic pressure on Congo and neighbouring countries will greatly boost our chances of stopping this humanitarian crisis and starting to build a lasting peace. So sign the petition below and spread the word - it will be sent to key European and international officials once we have reached 100,000 signatures:

PETITION - To EU and UN Security Council leaders:
We urge you to address the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Congo by supporting the immediate deployment of a neutral European force to protect civilians from rape, murder and starvation and secure humanitarian access - United Nations peacekeepers are crying out for this help, and it would provide impetus for them to play a more effective and balanced role in Congo. UN, EU and African officials should step up political engagement to strengthen the peace processes, acting as honest brokers and guarding against partisanship and exploitation.

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