Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on Molly, Dog Buried Alive |

Update on Molly, Dog Buried Alive Pet Lovers Tips - For The Love of the Dog
75-Year-old Hyrum Long and daughter, 49-year-old Susan Johnson of Forest Grove, OR, the pair that bashed their dog, Molly, on the head and buried her alive in their yard, have been arrested and charged. Long was charged with aggravated animal abuse Johnson was charged with first-degree animal neglect.
A necropsy report from the Oregon Humane Society said the dog had a chronic skin disease, body sores and starvation, actually is said “long term lack of nutrition and chronic starvation.” It found indications the dog had not eaten for at least four days.
These are the people who went out to eat after they bashed the poor dog’s head in.
I have heard a myriad of excuses surrounding this, no money, no gun to shoot the dog, didn’t want to take it to a vet for fear of being charged with animal cruelty because they thought it had cancer. They starved the poor damn dog then they went out to eat and fill their own bellies while Molly lay suffering in a hole in their back yard.
A police officer commented that he could hear her cries from a block away. Hyrum Long said he thought he “killed her pretty good.”
A humane society spokesperson said that there are animal hospitals and vets that would have euthanized Molly at no charge if they could not have afforded to do it but they didn’t even bother to check. They were too worried about getting in trouble and rightly so!

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