Saturday, January 10, 2009

Africian Elephants Being Slaughtered For Mugabe's Soliders

SW Radio Africa - News story
Elephants slaughtered to feed Mugabe’s soldiers

Zimbabwe’s government, which so far has made no effort to relieve the suffering of it’s starving people, has now resorted to slaughtering the country’s elephants to feed Robert Mugabe’s soldiers.

According to ZimOnline, the state Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has since last week supplied elephant meat to army barracks, which, like the rest of the country, have run out of food. The crippling food shortage has left up to half the nation already facing starvation and in the midst of the cholera crisis has left untold thousands of people dead.

The country’s elephants are now the latest victims in a crisis that the government has refused to accept responsibility for. The Mugabe administration reportedly views the supplying of elephant meat to soldiers as “killing two birds with one stone” as it enables it to cull allegedly excess animals while also ensuring its army has food.

The army is a critical part of Mugabe’s continued grip on power and the soldiers’ comfort has long since taken precedence over that of the people. With no food or goods to plunder in the ravaged country anymore, it is not surprising that hunger is rearing its head in the barracks. Analysts have ruled out the possibility of a military coup against Mugabe because all top commanders are still relatively comfortable.

But some say that worsening hunger could at some point force ordinary soldiers to either openly revolt or to simply refuse to defend the government, should Zimbabweans rise up in a civil rebellion.

Meanwhile Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi has declined to comment on the matter or to discuss the availability of food at army barracks in general, while Parks director-general Morris Mutsambiwa reportedly would not take questions on the matter.

It is as of yet unknown how many elephants have been turned into soldier fodder, but it does go without saying that the slaughter is not merely a method of feeding the troops.

The ivory collected will undoubtedly be sold off to the country’s dubious Chinese business links, lining the pockets of government officials and further aggravating the illegal ivory trade.

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