Friday, February 20, 2009

YouTube - How To Tube Feed A Puppy

'Rockey' my little fighter

YouTube - How To Tube Feed A Puppy

I agree that anyone seeking animal care should go to a vet, but that is not always possible. For anyone who thinks that this is the wrong information to post on YouTube, please think about the alternative.

I rescued a 2WEEK old daschund puppy a couple of years ago & knowing HOW to feed him could have saved his life.

The situation: A backyard breeder abandoned a dying mother & her puppy. The mother dog was bleeding to death from an unfinished 'stillbirth' that was 2 WEEKS old. She was slowly & painfully dying & had to be euthanized. There was 1 puppy that had been successfully born. The mother had not been able to nurse the puppy for almost 1.5 days and he was starving to death.

When I found the puppy, he was outside (in the middle of winter without any protection or warmth) & dying. I know that he probably never stood a chance. I had named him Rockey. At first, he was doing so good. I really thought he was going to make it. I kept him warm & fed him though a dropper. I slept on the floor next to his area & never left his side, no shower... nothing. After almost 3 days, he died suddenly. It was News Years Day. I was devastated & it is something that stays with me.
Hopefully this video could help save a life.

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