Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Savage Practice Of Bear Baiting

At the center of the large arena a black bear is standing, shaking in fear. Although she knows what is about to happen she can do nothing to stop it—a rope attached to a metal ring in her nose is tied to a post in the ground, holding her in place. Suddenly, two dogs are released into the arena and lunge at the bear. She tries desperately to defend herself but her teeth and claws have been removed and all she can do is lash out blindly. The attack goes on for several minutes until the bear is brought to the ground and the dogs are declared the winners…

An estimated 70 bears are being used as part of the cruel bear baiting industry in Pakistan today. Wounded, malnourished, exhausted and defenseless these bears are forced to fight a battle that can never be won.

For many of them the only escape from their miserable existence is death. But WSPA and our local member society the Bioresource Research Center of Pakistan (BRC) are working give them an alternative.

Together we can truly make bear baiting a thing of the past.