Sunday, July 26, 2009

Animal Liberation - Save Our Planet

Animal Liberation

'The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs'

All over the world it seems that more and more attention is being paid to animal rights and safety issues.

The Center for Animal Liberation Affairs is a center that was established to advance the study and discourse of animal liberation principles and practices.

This North American organization holds fundraisers, special events and has turned out many publications dealing with the issues facing the world’s animals today.

The Animal Liberation and Philosophy Policy Journal is a publication that sets out to establish an academic study of animal liberation and its related policies. This interdisciplinary journal is designed to increase the knowledge and awareness of animal liberation and appeal to academia to address this topic more widely. It also helps to open communication in many diverse perspectives of the animal rights movement.

The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs holds an annual conference that brings together many members of these organizations and agencies, as well as animal rights and liberation movement parties.
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