Saturday, July 25, 2009

Undercover TV - exposing factory farming and the mistreatment of animals

The truth about hidden animal cruelty and abuse. Circus animals, research labs (including primates), farm animals, puppy mills...

Undercover TV brought to you from IDA (In Defense of Animals).

Help Get IDA's Undercover TV On The Air In Your Town!

Undercover TV is an innovative television series that exposes the extreme animal cruelty deliberately hidden from the American public.

This revolutionary new half-hour television program produced by IDA takes viewers where other shows won't - inside of factory farms, vivisection laboratories, fur operations, puppy mills, and other exploitive industries to show people the truth about the suffering of animals behind the scenes.

Most Americans have never seen how animals used for food, clothing or scientific experiements are treated because those who profit from their suffering keep them hidden behind locked and guarded doors. By showing happy animated animals on TV commercials, they depict the treatment of these animal inaccurately.

If your city doesn't yet air Undercover TV, take action by volunteering for our nationwide video distribution network. As a resident of any city, you can submit episodes of Undercover TV to your community public access station.

This simple form of activism is extremely powerful because each episode of Undercover TV that is aired can potentially wake thousands of people up to the reality of animal exploitation - something most television viewers would otherwise never see. If you would like to bring Undercover TV to your area, contact and we'll show you how.

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