Thursday, August 13, 2009

End The Hunt! - Stop Wildlife Penning!

End The Hunt! - Stop Wildlife Penning!

The appalling practice of wildlife penning begins when coyotes are caught in the steel jaws of a leghold trap and suffer excruciating pain. The traps can tear flesh, cut tendons and ligaments and break bones. A trapped animal often chews or twists the limb caught in the trap in an effort to escape. View the PICTURES page for pictures and videos on trapping of coyotes and foxes.

The coyotes are removed from the traps and packed into a cage with other injured animals. Coyote trappers ship coyotes all over the state, sometimes up to hundreds of miles, in cramped cages with no access to food or water. Some animals die on the trip. Those that survive are bought by wildlife enclosure owners.
In these enclosures, packs of hunting dogs chase the fenced wildlife for scored trials that sometimes last for days. The dogs terrorize and kill many of the coyotes.

This site will be the source of a daily BLOG of events. We'll detail the daily hunting that takes place, list vehicle information, provide links to local community leaders and State legislature and display pictures of the activities. Our aim is to provide awareness to this gruesome "sport" and to rally local support for stopping it, not only in our community, but across the state! Please check back with us as we grow this site and SHUT THESE PENS DOWN!

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