Friday, August 21, 2009

Take Action Today! Save Orphan Bears: End Cruel Den Hunting!

Sponsored by: IFAW

During Russia's annual bear hunt, hibernating mother bears are lured out of their dens by dogs to be shot and killed, leaving their infant cubs to freeze or starve to death.
Please urge Prime Minister Putin to ban the cruel practice of den-hunting, which orphans thousands of bears each year.
Den-hunting - scaring hibernating bears out of their dens and then shooting the frightened and confused animals - is not only cruel to the bears shot, but also to the orphaned cubs left behind.

Den-hunting kills thousands of bears each year and orphans many thousands more. In some areas of Russia, and in Western and Eastern Europe, brown bears are already extinct.
The bears being hunted in Russia are from the last healthy population in the world.
Help give these tiny bundles of fur a second chance at life
Sign the petition and tell a friend!

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