Sunday, August 16, 2009

Urgent Typhoon Rescue: Dogs of Taiwan

Urgent Typhoon Rescue: Dogs of Taiwan - It is a race against time for these dogs & puppies in need.

is trying to save more than 1,000 dogs left homeless after animal shelters in Taiwan were heavily damaged by Typhoon Morakot. More than 7,000 homes were destroyed in the disaster, with at least 10 shelters destroyed by mudslides and flooding.

The shelter dogs are now roaming or trapped by floods, some living on roofs or just barely surviving. In one kennel located beneath the Kaoping Bridge, dozens of dogs drowned in their cages, with hundreds more already reported dead around the island.

Please help IFAW save the dogs of Taiwan

Many more dogs will die if the shelters do not quickly receive relief supplies and help to restore and disinfect the shelters.

IF YOU CAN... Please give an Emergency Rescue Donation today.

IFAW’s Rescue Team is already on its way to help local animal groups set up temporary shelters and resurrect what’s left of their former homes, some which rest under several feet of mud. Vet assistance may also be needed to help rescue dogs likely to be suffering from digestive issues due to drinking contaminated water, as well as from distemper and even possible rabies outbreaks.
Even worse, untold numbers of these dogs could end up shot as a method of local ‘dog control’ if we do not provide them with new temporary shelters as soon as possible.
It costs approximately $1,500 for new fencing and a minimum of at least $5,000 to rebuild just one shelter. These animal groups need medical supplies, drinking water, dog food and your financial support in order to prevent further loss of life.

IFAW’s animal relief efforts are funded by compassionate animal lovers like you... and we really do need your help right now. Every dollar you donate will help the animal victims of Typhoon Morakot as well as victims of other natural disasters or cruelty around the world.