Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Rat

The Rat

you have to see these... the sweetest pics

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Tiny, originally uploaded by Necil Bug.

this one too...

One of the first things that attracted me to buying my first rat was their tiny little hands. Oh so cuuute.

Uploaded by Necil Bug on 9 Nov 08, 6.30AM PST.

'Bug has a new bear'

Bug has a new bear, originally uploaded by Necil Bug.

OMG...this is so sweet I have to share it. ..

Bug has a new bear
as if she doesn't have enough, really.

It took me like 5 hours to get this photo, literally. And I'm still not completely happy with it anyway, I wanted to retake it with more of her hand around the bear showing but I really couldnt afford to spend another 5 hours getting her to sleep. Oh well, the hand is there heh. Aah, rats

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Uploaded by Necil Bug on 29 Jan 09, 3.10PM PST.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rescued Baby Manatee

ZSL Babies 2008

How you can help Orangutans

How you can help Orangutans 30 second advertisement

ONE - Please Save Our Orangutans

Wide Angle . Burning Season ~ Video: Full Episode | PBS

Wide Angle . Burning Season ~ Video: Full Episode PBS

Burning SeasonVideo: Full Episode

Every hour in Indonesian rainforests, an area the size of 300 soccer fields is mowed down and burned. Often this clearing is done to make way for oil palm plantations. The resulting palm oil is used for cooking, cleaning and even as a biofuel. But the fires farmers set to clear their land have helped to make Indonesia the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide — exceeded only by the U.S. and China.

A 29-year-old Australian “green” entrepreneur named Dorjee Sun believes he has a solution to reduce those harmful greenhouse gas emissions. He has canvassed the world pitching the sale of Indonesia’s carbon credits to polluters in the West.

His business model would maintain the standing swaths of Indonesia’s rainforests by selling their carbon credits. Burning Season follows Dorjee Sun on a whirlwind trip into boardrooms around the world – from Starbucks to eBay to Merrill Lynch – as he tries to convince skeptical financiers that his proposal is viable.

To carry out his plan, local political leaders in Indonesia must also agree that their forests are worth more alive than dead. Small farmers like Achmadi, who makes a living by cutting down trees to plant oil palms, fear the layers of government officials will be the only profiteers from the carbon credit sale.

Burning Season kindles both sides of the climate divide and explores whether capitalism can step in where altruism has so far failed to succeed.
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