Friday, February 20, 2009

baby seal

Baby Sea Turtle Hatches

Now we have babies!

Turtle love

making baby turtles!

YouTube - How To Tube Feed A Puppy

'Rockey' my little fighter

YouTube - How To Tube Feed A Puppy

I agree that anyone seeking animal care should go to a vet, but that is not always possible. For anyone who thinks that this is the wrong information to post on YouTube, please think about the alternative.

I rescued a 2WEEK old daschund puppy a couple of years ago & knowing HOW to feed him could have saved his life.

The situation: A backyard breeder abandoned a dying mother & her puppy. The mother dog was bleeding to death from an unfinished 'stillbirth' that was 2 WEEKS old. She was slowly & painfully dying & had to be euthanized. There was 1 puppy that had been successfully born. The mother had not been able to nurse the puppy for almost 1.5 days and he was starving to death.

When I found the puppy, he was outside (in the middle of winter without any protection or warmth) & dying. I know that he probably never stood a chance. I had named him Rockey. At first, he was doing so good. I really thought he was going to make it. I kept him warm & fed him though a dropper. I slept on the floor next to his area & never left his side, no shower... nothing. After almost 3 days, he died suddenly. It was News Years Day. I was devastated & it is something that stays with me.
Hopefully this video could help save a life.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Defenders of Wildlife Action Center:

Defenders of Wildlife Action Center:

Save Sea Turtles from Reckless Fishing Practices

Bottom longline fishing in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of imperiled sea turtles. Snagged by razor sharp hooks on fishing lines that span anywhere from four to nine nautical miles, loggerhead and other threatened and endangered sea turtles are drowning and dying right now in the Gulf of Mexico.

Six of seven species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act, and indiscriminate fishing practices like this are a grave threat to sea turtles around the world.

Loggerheads nesting on Florida beaches -- the same turtles captured in the Gulf of Mexico bottom longline fishery -- have plummeted by more than 40% over the last decade.

Please help us save the lives of threatened and endangered sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico. Fill out the form below to encourage the National Marine Fisheries Service to immediately close the bottom longline fishery in order to save sea turtles.