Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Defense of Animals:

In Defense of Animals:



Another BLM Wild Horse Roundup: Submit Comments Today! Comments Must Be Received By Jan. 27

Removal of 550 horses in eastern Nevada set to begin next month

Just When We Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse – Government Claims More Than 670,000 Acres Can Only Support 100 to 200 Horses


We told you this was going to be a long, hard fight – thank you for sticking with us to take action on each and every unacceptable assault by the Obama Administration on our wild horses. We are up against the deeply entrenched special interests who want wild horses removed from public lands so they can conduct business as usual. That means cheap usage of our public land for their private profits at the horses’ and taxpayers’ expense.

It’s time to get public comments in on another large removal of wild horses which is planned by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This time the BLM intends to remove over 500 of the estimated 645 horses living in or near the “Eagle Herd Management Area” in eastern Nevada outside of Ely. While 500 individuals is fewer than the 2,500 horses currently being rounded up and removed from the Calico Complex in northwest Nevada (click here for Calico update), the Eagle roundup is even more ludicrous because it is 125,000 acres larger than Calico, but the government will only allow 100 horses to remain! In Calico, by contrast, 500-900 horses will be left behind in the approximately 500,000-acre public land complex.

The proposed Eagle HMA plan puts these wild horses at great risk because the BLM is reducing the number of horses to dangerously low numbers, which could threaten the viability of the herd. Many horse advocates believe this is the BLM’s method of systematically dwindling horse population numbers down to untenable levels in order to ultimately eradicate these American living legends from public lands.

The Obama Administration is continuing the Bush Administration policy of targeting wild horses in order to serve special cattle and other industry interests.

Under President Obama's oversight, the BLM is actually accelerating the pace of wild horse removals, with 12,000 horses targeted for capture from our public lands in Fiscal Year 2010 alone. The majority of these horses will be sent to government holding facilities, where they will join the 35,000 wild horses already stockpiled at taxpayer expense.

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Green with a Vengeance

Journeyman brings you a profile of some US environmental campaigners with a hardline approach to changing the world.


Animal Abuse!! Ringling Brothers and Carson / Barnes Circus

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Have A Green Pet

Have A Green Pet - Green pets or an 'eco friendly' pet means your pet is going green! Eco-friendly living extends to our precious pets. They rely on us to provide healthy and safe home environments free of environmental hazards. And because our pets have a carbon pawprint, there are simple steps you, as an animal parent/guardian, can take to green your pets and help the planet, too!
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This is a great site for those who want to have a 'greener' (healthier, safer, eco-friendly...) lifestyle for their animal companions. Lots of good info to help you make healthier choices for ALL of your family members :)


Pet supplies
Safety tips


Sustainable living choices
Home makeover (furniture, toys)
Replacing Toxic Products
Indoor air quality


Indoor household plants
Outdoor gardening

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cairo Connection: Egypt - A documentary about the Ape smuggling crisis


Despite an international ban, the trade in endangered animals to the Middle East is flourishing. This exclusive report tracks the dealers, buyers and government officials who protect them.

In January 2005, a crate containing six baby chimpanzees and four monkeys was rescued from a flight from Cairo. The animals had been denied food and water for days and one soon died.

Scouring flight records, animal investigators linked the shipment to a notorious wildlife smuggler. It's believed this smuggler traffics an average of 40 chimpanzees a year, bribing airport officials. Despite a wealth of evidence against her, she has never been prosecuted...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Congo's 'mother lode' of gorillas remains vulnerable

Congo's 'mother lode' of gorillas remains vulnerable

ScienceDaily (2009-11-24) -- A new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society says that western lowland gorillas living in a large swamp in the Republic of Congo -- part of the "mother lode" of more than 125,000 gorillas discovered last year -- are becoming increasingly threatened by growing humans activity in the region. ... > read full article

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Saving gorillas, elephants starts with understanding their human neighbors

Saving gorillas, elephants starts with understanding their human neighbors

ScienceDaily (2010-01-15) -- Understanding local human cultures is key to preserving gorillas, elephants and other wildlife in African parks and reserves, according to new research. ... > read full article