Thursday, April 28, 2016

FOE Petition: Tell Congress to get behind a carbon tax

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Anything and everything that can be done, should be done (in order to at least try) to save our planet... our Earth is dying because we, the humans are slowing killing it! This is crazy and in this insane process we are hurting and/or killing each other while cruelly destroying the existence of the other life around us, the innocent being we share our only hone with... the status quo which allows an unsustainable death-grip of sociopathic corporations which values profits over people and the health of our planet is not acceptable anymore.

The fossil fuel is a morally corrupted, ethically bankrupted industry that only exists because they receive tax payer subsidies while not having to pay a tax for the death, disease and environmental devastation which they are the direct cause, this is completely outrageous and must some to an end.

Tell Congress: Get behind a carbon tax

A carbon tax would make polluters pay for the damage they inflict on people and the planet and help head off the worst impacts of climate change -- all the while raising hundreds of billions in revenue to protect crucial programs like Social Security and Medicare.
We must start injecting this progressive, pro-environment solution into budget debates. By signing this petition, you will show your representatives -- and our  progressive allies in Congress -- that there is public support for this win-win solution.

Show your support for a carbon tax by signing this petition to Congress today.