Monday, May 16, 2016

POLL | Superdelegates (+ my open question regarding their intended purpose)

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Here's the odd thing not being discussed about superdelegates... it is to my understanding that their actual PURPOSE is to ensure that a candidate who is favored by the electorate, meaning, WE THE PEOPLE (that is US, the 99%) will be elected as the party nominee.

Now I could be mistaken about this but doesn't this explanation sound a hell of a lot more fair (and certainly, more  progressive) way to how a 'democratic' party is supposed to be operating?

- this is contrary to the unreasonable statements being made by the head of the party (DWS, who is merely a corporate face puppet)  falsely making the claim that superdelegates are in place to ensure 'fringe' candidates (like the most super awesome, Senator Bernie Sanders) or anyone seeking elected office who is not supported by the party majority (i.e. the corrupted party establishment who acts on behalf of the sociopathic corporations and their special interests).

So now what?