Saturday, June 18, 2016

Is Your Smartphone Killing Gorillas?

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The answer is yes. Those gorillas in the Congo are specifically threatened by the mining of this material called coltan, which is needed for making smartphones. While much of the coltan in the Congo is mined legally, because of the worldwide demand and high price, more coltan is mined illegally in the Congo by local militia groups. The horrifying thing is that at these remote illegal mining operations, to feed the miners, poachers are hunting and killing gorillas as a food source. I’ll say it again because it can be hard to believe: :  to feed the miners, they are killing and eating gorillas.

To best honor the memory of gentle Harambe, please be a responsible consumer to best  help to save the mountain gorillas along with many other species... and quite possibly, save our own humane souls in the process.