Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Act of Cultural Genocide! #DontDelistGrizzlies

Blackfoot Confederacy Leaders speak out AGAINST the delisting of the sacred grizzly bear.

Pressed by the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the Obama Administration’s US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Director, Dan Ashe, is expected to announce the government’s new rule to delist the grizzly bear in fall 2015. Removing Endangered Species Act protections from the grizzly will result in the bears being trophy hunted, and the lands they currently inhabit opened to expanded energy and livestock interests. With respect to delisting the grizzly, the Obama Administration has so far failed to honor the commitments the President made to Tribal Nations about honoring treaties, tribal sovereignty, religious and spiritual freedoms, and “meaningful” government-to-government consultation. FOIA documents have revealed that even Director Ashe has questioned the credibility of his own agency on delisting the grizzly, as the fate of the Great Bear is being dictated by politics and personal ambition, not the “best available science” as proponents claim.