Monday, September 5, 2016

IT'S UP TO US -- Sally Wengrover, PhD -- Book Trailer

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Our beautiful ecosphere is unraveling.

As a result of our excessive consumption, the world is degrading undermining the existence of many species—including our own. Signs of the unraveling are all around us: Earth's average temperature is rising. Oceans are acidifying. Wildlife habitat is vanishing. Countless species are going extinct. Large regions are experiencing “historic” droughts, “1000-year” floods, & unprecedented wildfires. Conventional environmental policies have done good, but they’re not getting the job done & they’re unlikely to any time soon. While we sit & wait for governments, markets, & technologies to fix environmental problems for us, the rate of ecological unraveling is accelerating..
IT'S UP TO US discusses environmental solutions: what’s been tried and what’s been proposed, what’s worked and what hasn’t. It argues that the unraveling of the ecosphere won’t stop until we stop pulling on the threads.