Monday, September 26, 2016

Stop Cyprus Slaughtering Europe's Songbirds | Avaaz Community

Stop Cyprus Slaughtering Europe's Songbirds | Avaaz Community

To: Nicos Anastasiades - President of the Republic of Cyprus Stop Cyprus Slaughtering Europe's

Please ensure that zero tolerance is adopted towards people identified as illegally trapping birds, as well as more efforts made to catch offenders. Many species of bird are affected, including the local species of Scops Owl, for which Cyprus has a special responsibility.
As the only effective deterrent to stop this archaic and inhumane practice all offenders must be prosecuted, with the harshest possible penalties imposed, rather than, at best, often only having their trapping equipment confiscated. As a member state of the EU, it is indefensible that many fellow 
European nations are investing funds trying to conserve these bird species, only for Cypriot trappers to continue butchering them. Failing to eradicate a practice so far out of step with modern values, can only serve to adversely affect global perceptions of Cyprus and therefore damage tourism on the island.

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