Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Art Of Beeing | Louis Masai

The Art of Beeing is a mural painting tour of the USA

I will paint over 20 murals of species under threat in 12 cities across nine states in just two months

The murals

I’m painting toys because if we don’t act now to stop extinction, only toys will remain in place of animals. Patchworks are of particular relevance because they were traditionally passed down families by women. I am leaving my patchwork paintings on walls as memories for the children of tomorrow. The bees in this series can be found stitching up the toys because they are the planets’ warriors, they are keeping the planet stitched together. Sadly, bees are under immense threat in the United States. Permission for painting will be obtained at all times with the upmost respect for sponsors and the communities in which we paint.