Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yellowstone park looks at large bison cull to trim herds | Exposing the Big Game

Yellowstone National Park biologists say more than 900 wild bison would need to be killed or removed this winter to begin reducing the size of herds that spill into neighboring Montana.

Park officials will meet Thursday with state, tribal and U.S. Agriculture Department representatives to discuss options for managing the animals.
WTF? So it appears Montana has a significant 'problem' with our "National Mammal"? As we just continue mindlessly consuming every thing & every being that surrounds us, soon there will be no 'thing' left (living, at least). Nature's balance is (or, was) harmonious minus the disruption & devastation from human related activities. So maybe WE, the human animals, should be the species requiring better... 'management'...

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