Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why this photo should make you cringe - Occupy 4 Elephants

Occupy 4 Elephants Why this photo should make you cringe - Occupy 4 Elephants Lambodhar Prasad has never known freedom, been allowed to breed, socialize nor form a bond with another living being. The 60yr old pachyderm is 1 of 63 elephants working in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park on anti-poaching patrols, helping protect endangered rhinos, tigers & other elephants. But while he serves a crucial & vital service, Lambodhar Prasad has never known kindness, he suffers chronic painful abscesses from his beatings & has developed a condition called 'learned helplessness' a result of systematic torture says Elephant Aid International founder Carol Buckley. “He does as he is told because of his brutal training which has left him believing it is impossible to do anything else.” Ms. Buckley told from Nepal.~

Elephant Aid International: