Friday, February 17, 2017

Petition · Prime minister : Canada, it is not ok to have sex with animals! ·

"sex" is not 'sex' when there is so much innocence the being (be it a small child, mentally challenged human or nonhuman) has no understanding, it is RAPE. May our fellow Earthlings, the nonhumans we share our planet with, please forgive us... we are awful! Terrorists to them and horrid even to each other - And frankly, most of our species would be undeserving of their mercy - This is so sick and cruel, it is no less than raping a small child only these victims will never have a voice, never be able to file a police report, bring their abuser, rapist, molester into a court of law to answer for their crimes... they are the innocent who will never be able to speak a name of the human monster violating them... But, they should never have to... SHAME ON CANADA AND ALL OTHER SICKO NATIONS AND MORALLY CORRUPTED GOVERNMENTS THAT FEEL HUMAN SUPREMACY IS SOMETHING THAT IS OK... IT'S NOT!!!