Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stop the "Possum Drop": Annual Celebration Masquerades Animal Abuse as Entertainment - The Rainforest Site

North Carolina State Representative Roger West (sponsor of the Opossum Drop) introduced a bill (HB 1131) “to exempt Clay County from state wildlife laws with respect to opossums between the dates of Dec 26 & Jan 2.” The bill became law in June 2014 exempting the annual Possum Drop from the state's existing animal cruelty laws - An implicit acknowledgement that the event violates the state’s existing wildlife laws, setting a poor precedent, prioritizing personal & commercial interests over animal welfare. This leaves us until the end of the year to let North Carolina’s General Assembly know we don’t tolerate this brand of animal cruelty. Fortunately, a trio of Senators that serve on the state’s Environment Committee also voted against this awful piece of legislation. Sign petition to stand behind them and call on a law to repeal SL 2014-7.