Thursday, January 5, 2017 | After Asia, palm oil faces backlash in Africa | After Asia, palm oil faces backlash in Africa Its lower cost has made it popular in commercial food production, but after being blamed for deforestation in Asia, palm oil plantations are now getting a similar rap in Africa. The sheer scale of land required is having an impact in Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo Basin, environmentalists say.

Brainforest and Mighty, two environmental groups, investigated the activities of Olam, an agri-business from Singapore, which said it has planted 58,000 hectares of palm trees in Gabon. "It is estimated that Olam has deforested 20,000 hectares in its Gabonese concessions of Awala et Mouila since 2012," the groups said in a report released in mid-December. "Investigators on the scene witnessed and filmed bulldozers knocking down huge trees en masse."

But the impact appears wider. In their report, the environmental groups expressed fears that the Congo Basin, considered the lung of Africa, could go the same way as forests in Sumatra, Indonesia and on Borneo.  "A few decades ago, these places were almost entirely covered with forests, a paradise for orangutans, rhinos, elephants and exotic birds. Today, only 20-30 percent of the forest cover exists."

Greenpeace has asked Cameroon not to renew the company's concession which expired at the end of November, and it cited "six years of illegal foresting, trampling of locals' rights, unfulfilled investments and destruction of forest".

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LIES, MANIPULATION KOCH BROTHERS (PLF) "The fight against overcriminalization continues - PLF Liberty Blog"

The fight against overcriminalization continues - PLF Liberty Blog

So, who wants to kill off the Florida manatees & bat populations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia? THE PLF? WHY OF COURSE!  Along with a long list of other endangered species, the insidious, manipulative, sociopathic Koch Brothers (hence, their well funded death machine, the PLF) and their ongoing, vicious assault against America's wildlife and the future health of our living environment continues...

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why this photo should make you cringe - Occupy 4 Elephants

Occupy 4 Elephants Why this photo should make you cringe - Occupy 4 Elephants Lambodhar Prasad has never known freedom, been allowed to breed, socialize nor form a bond with another living being. The 60yr old pachyderm is 1 of 63 elephants working in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park on anti-poaching patrols, helping protect endangered rhinos, tigers & other elephants. But while he serves a crucial & vital service, Lambodhar Prasad has never known kindness, he suffers chronic painful abscesses from his beatings & has developed a condition called 'learned helplessness' a result of systematic torture says Elephant Aid International founder Carol Buckley. “He does as he is told because of his brutal training which has left him believing it is impossible to do anything else.” Ms. Buckley told from Nepal.~

Elephant Aid International: