Monday, January 23, 2017

King of Deforestation – Mighty

King of Deforestation – Mighty Burger King is serving hamburgers raised on soy from deforestation. Their burgers are putting the habitat of animals like sloths and jaguars at risk. Tell Burger King to protect the sloth and grow food without threatening Nature.

Visit to learn more about this and other environmental campaigns. #StandMighty The trees of tropical rainforests make up critical habitat for an incredible diversity of amazing wildlife like sloths, jaguars, golden lion tamarins, macaws and many others.

Burger King is putting these animals at risk by using suppliers that destroy forests in order to build soy farms and cattle ranches. One of Burger King's main suppliers, Cargill, has supply chains deep into the tropical rainforests. Cargill promised it would stop buying raw materials from companies that destroy the rainforests, but there's a catch in the fine print: Cargill has until 2030 to ditch deforestation efforts, which means there's another fourteen years of burning and bulldozing critical rainforest habitat, destroying the homes of sloths and their friends.

We can't wait another fourteen years to save crucial rainforests and habitat. Sign your name and tell Burger King to stop destroying rainforests!