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What Nemley Jr's death means for fight to protect chimps - BBC News#_=_

What Nemley Jr's death means for fight to protect chimps - BBC News#_=_

Nemley JuniorThe death of the baby chimpanzee Nemley Jr, rescued from wildlife traffickers only to fade away in a zoo in Ivory Coast, has provoked outrage.

Several specialist sanctuaries caring for baby chimpanzees - in Liberia, Uganda and Kenya - had offered to take Nemley Jr. But when we wrote to the ministry, suggesting that he be allowed to leave - if only to lessen the burden on Abidjan zoo - a senior official refused to accept our letter. Nemley Jr was from Ivory Coast, he said, and he would stay in Ivory Coast, hinting that to move him would be neo-colonialist thinking.
Nemley JrSo do we blame Ivory Coast for what went wrong? Maybe but then consider this: nearly half of the world's cocoa comes from Ivory Coast. Cocoa and palm oil and timber have all encroached on the country's jungles, shrinking the habitats of the chimpanzees and limiting their chances of survival.
We can condemn the rich buyer who pays for a baby chimp whose family has been slaughtered. We can criticise indolent officials. But we might also ask whether the products we're buying and eating and using might contain ingredients grown on land where dense forest was once home to chimpanzees.
A cocoa farmer maintains his plantation near Divo, in the south of Ivory Coast.
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  • our investigation that led to a jail sentence for Ibrahima Traore and his uncle Mohamed, and what is notable is that these were the first convictions for wildlife crime in the history of Ivory Coast.
  • An enclosure for adult chimpanzees is damaged, which means they have to remain in cages. A cheetah is kept in a hut the size of a kennel. Lions go hungry.

    Sunday, July 30, 2017

    Trump And Congress Are Working Together To Legalize Wild Horse Slaughter

    If Congress votes in favor of President Trump’s budget proposal for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the number of free-roaming horses and burros will vastly decrease across the West. It’s an emotionally charged issue that has animal rights activists comparing wild horses to unicorns and oil, mining, and livestock companies wanting the land for their own financial gain.

    Saturday, July 29, 2017

    Take Action! » National Wildlife Refuge Association Stop a Border Fence from Cutting Through Santa Ana NWR!

    Sonoran pronghorn | USFWSTake Action! » National Wildlife Refuge Association  President Trump is planning to make good on his campaign promise to beef up our border with Mexico, and his Administration plans to break ground at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Apparently work has been ongoing on the refuge for several months, but nothing was said to the public, until information leaked late last week. The Administration has been working in secret, keeping the public in the dark about the plan to use taxpayer dollars to irreparably damage our public lands.   

    Border Agency Set to Jumpstart Trump’s Wall in a Texas Wildlife Refuge - ProPublica

    Border Agency Set to Jumpstart Trump’s Wall in a Texas Wildlife Refuge - ProPublica OUTRAGEOUS!!!  U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin constructing the first segment of President Trump’s border wall in November through a national wildlife refuge, using money it’s already received from Congress. ($1.6 BILLION) That’s what a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official recently told a nonprofit group that raises money to support two national wildlife refuges in South Texas, according to the group’s vice president.