Saturday, July 1, 2017

Nemley Junior: chimp rescued from traffickers dies - BBC News

Nemley Jr

Nemley Junior: chimp rescued from traffickers dies - BBC News An orphaned baby chimpanzee whose plight moved people around the world has died.

Nemley junior had been seized by poachers in West Africa and offered for sale but was then rescued following a BBC News investigation. Despite dedicated care in the past few weeks, he succumbed to a series of illnesses including malaria. A leading vet who helped care for him said that, without his mother, Nemley suffered from a "failure to thrive".In the wild, baby chimps usually live with their mothers for at least four to five years.

During his capture, Nemley would have witnessed the killing of his mother during a poaching raid that would have seen as many as 10 adults in his family shot. The two men who were found guilty of his trafficking were released from jail 10 days ago.

Sarah Crawford, an American NGO worker who had been caring for Nemley full-time for the past three weeks, said: ''He died in my arms. He did not die alone in a cage. He really fought to stay alive. He was taking fluids until 30 minutes before he died. I am still in shock. None of us can quite believe what has happened.''

Nemley was 15 months old when he died. His body will be autopsied. ''This will give us useful information, which will be helpful to others caring for baby orphans,'' said Samouka Kane, director of the National Zoo of Abidjan, and a vet.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Zoo Owners Upset Over Legal Dispute Feed Live Donkey to Tigers | Animal Petitions

Zoo Owners Who Fed Live Donkey to Tigers Must be Punished | Animal Petitions
Angry shareholders in a Chinese zoo fed a live donkey to tigers as a way to protest a court’s decision they didn’t like. The shareholders stated that they voted in favor of this horrific act because the court froze the zoo’s assets and they were no longer receiving profits. Demand justice for this innocent donkey torn to bits by tigers.

Shocking video footage showed the men pushing the frightened donkey down into the tiger enclosure. The tigers pounced on the donkey almost immediately and mauled it for thirty minutes before it finally died. The shareholders also planned to send a sheep into the enclosure, but zoo officials stopped them in time to save the sheep.

Officials at Yancheng Safari Park issued an apology, stating that they are working on improving their safety standards. They will be holding a meeting to “calm shareholders’ nerves.”

However, this OUTRAGEOUS, horrific act of cruelty cannot go unpunished. Sign petition and demand that these shareholders face legal charges and receive the maximum penalty.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

'An unfolding tragedy': Australia's vulnerable koala population battles extinction | SBS News

Koalas have inhabited broad regions of Australia for the past 25 million years, but the combined threats of urbanisation, climate change & land clearing are pushing populations in New South Wales & Queensland towards the edge of extinction...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Viral sea turtle Youtube video fuels campaign against plastic straws |

Viral sea turtle Youtube video fuels campaign against plastic straws |
Americans use an incredible 500 million plastic straws every day. Even though they are small, straws can create serious environmental problems, so now a growing number of activists say it's time to just say no.
Viral sea turtle video fuels campaign against plastic straws - A new documentary called "Straws" that debuted at the Sonoma Film Festival is getting a strong reception at other film festivals around the country. The producer and director, Linda Booker "We are talking about billions and billions of non-recyclable plastic straws that are ending up garbage cans, landfills, and unfortunately too often as street litter," she said. Many straws also end up in the ocean and on the beach.